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>Subject: Listen To Me, Or Don't.  *I* Am Listening To Me...
>It was a few weeks ago, when I was incrementally buying small 
>quantities of food, silver and gold, and sanitizing supplies---while 
>being laughed at---that I saved, as a reminder, a couple of articles 
>that basically said, "WTF?  This Financial/Medical Crisis Is 
>***DIFFERENT*** than the ones that have come before."
>Over a decade ago I bought five gallon buckets of 'survival' 
>supplies and a quantity of precious metals and then stored them.  I 
>didn't 'warn' anyone to do the same, or proclaim that I was 
>particularly more astute or smarter than those who didn't do so.  In 
>fact, I didn't particularly think that was the case.  I merely 
>thought it was a good move, like financial advisers who suggest that 
>one 'diversify' their risk between competing markets.
>In the recent 'ascent' of the current 'crisis' I have been ahead of 
>the curve in getting out in front of it and the actions I have taken 
>have, so far, proven to have increased the survival and 
>sustainability of myself and those I love.
>Maybe I have just been 'lucky' or maybe I have been 'right'...
>It doesn't matter, because my sole purpose for this missive is to 
>urge my friends and family to give serious, rational thought to the 
>events that are currently taking place and to realize that they have 
>to take *responsibility* for their future and their ability to care 
>for those they love and humanity in general.
>The article I have shared, above, is the 'first sign' of the US 
>dollar 'weakening' and beginning to stumble.  Just like the 'first 
>signs' that the coronavirus was going to cause some problems.  The 
>Russians purposefully abandoned the OPEC alliance in order to throw 
>a monkey wrench into the current state of our non-renewable 
>resources economy.  Not because they have *bad* intentions, but 
>because they are looking for the best forward path for their own 
>country, economy and people.  Saudi Arabia then took further 
>actions, in retaliation, because they are MORONS who don't fully 
>understand that they are playing into the hands of other countries, 
>like Russia and China, that are jockeying for position in replacing 
>the US as the go-to safe haven investment/currency source. Many 
>things are 'happening' and 'changing' behind the scenes that you and 
>I aren't privy to.
>Do you want my *prediction* about how it is all going to play 
>out?  Sorry, don't have a clue...
>All I want to communicate to my friends and family is that things 
>are 'different' than they have been up to this point in time.  I 
>have two copies of 'The Black Swan' so current events haven't 'surprised' me.
>Stock up on whatever you need to carry you through uncertain 
>times.  Get yourself some precious metals, some CryptoCurrency and a 
>supply...dare I say 'hoard'?...of good, old-fashioned fiat 
>currency.  If any of the foregoing 'hits the skids' the others will 
>vastly increase in value.  Have you ever had anyone tell you they 
>wouldn't accept a pound of gold for a loaf of bread?  Me neither...
>Breaking News:  Science Has Proven That If You Plant A Garden You 
>Are Less Likely To Go Hungry!
>All I am saying, is that the only thing you can 'hoard' that has the 
>possibility of 'saving' you is...common sense.  If you are receiving 
>this email, it is because I love you and that is what I want you to know.
>Your government may send you a check for a thousand dollars, to help 
>you out.  Or a million, and coupons for a thousand loaves of 
>bread.  The coronavirus may kill millions and totally destroy our 
>financial structure or it may just go away tomorrow.  It has 
>happened before.  The last 'crisis' came to the point where 
>everybody, those in power and the common citizen, wondered if 
>everything was going to 'implode' and destroy civilization as we 
>know it.  It was avoided and we all went, "Whew!" and continued on 
>as if nothing had happened.
>If you want to PANIC!!!
>1st century
>The Financial Panic of AD 33.
>The result of the mass issuance of unsecured loans by main Roman 
>banking houses.
>Well, it's been done before...many times...and we're still here.
>So, here's the deal...
>What should you be doing in 'a time of crisis?'  You should be doing 
>what you should have been doing all along.  And you *know* what that 
>is...for you.  I can't give you any advice, because I know what is 
>right for me, and you know what is right for you.  Saint Peter 
>denied Christ three times, then picked himself up and did what he 
>knew he needed to do.  Buddha sat under a tree until he 'figured it 
>out' and proceeded to live his life accordingly.  Mahatma Ghandi 
>realized 'all men are brothers' and it gave him the strength to live 
>his life as if that were true.  Mother Teresa had no fear of the 
>lepers, because she knew what she needed to do.
>You know whatever it is you need to do.  Do it.
>If you decide that what you need to do is say, "Hey!  I'll count on 
>California to grow all of my food and save nothing but fiat money 
>because the government said, 'Don't worry, we're *good* for it...'" 
>I will *cringe* but...good luck to you.
>I have stored up some food because...I need to eat most every 
>day.  I have bought some gold and silver because...it has been an 
>acceptable form of payment for thousands of years before Visa and 
>Master Card came along.  I have some investments in CryptoCurrency 
>because it is the wave of our financial future...if everything 
>doesn't totally go to shit.  I have a stash of fiat currency in case 
>the Powers That Be manage to keep *that* scam going in the 
>foreseeable future.  And I'm planting a garden, tomorrow, because I 
>really, really, really like eating...
>This missive would be *thousands* of pages long if I were telling 
>you about all of the bad things I've done, and all of the ways in 
>which I have managed to screw up, but it is immeasurably shorter 
>because I am merely trying to inform you what I have done, lately, 
>that has proven to be effective for the current situation that we are all in.
>My hope is that this communication will inspire you to think about 
>*your* life and *your* values, contemplate the current state of your 
>environment and the world around you, and take steps to ensure that 
>you and those you love will emerge on the other side of whatever 
>'crisis'...real or imaginary...that currently exists, and find 
>yourself saying, "I feel pretty good about myself."
>Love You,
>PerformanceArt 05987-196
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