detailed ICU first hand report / COVID-19 - it's really not "just the flu, bro" -- Re: global insanity - Re: Coronavirus: hysteria

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Mar 23 00:30:33 PDT 2020

Not pretty:

  "Holy Shit, This Is Not The Flu": Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19... Even In Young [<60 years old] Patients

    .. They suddenly become unresponsive or go into respiratory failure.

    .. “It’s called acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS. That means the lungs are filled with fluid. And it’s notable for the way the X-ray looks: The entire lung is basically whited out from fluid. Patients with ARDS are extremely difficult to oxygenate. It has a really high mortality rate, about 40%. The way to manage it is to put a patient on a ventilator. The additional pressure helps the oxygen go into the bloodstream.

    “Normally, ARDS is something that happens over time as the lungs get more and more inflamed. But with this virus, it seems like it happens overnight.


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