Sergei "Yolo" Lavrov tribute - unashame-ed Russ-ski-phile report - Re: [RUS] Yolo's money shot^Bquote — “I would still like to at least get some facts supporting our unsuccessful meddling.”

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Sat Mar 21 17:00:50 PDT 2020

The funniest (in a good way) foreign minister in the world, Sergei "ROLO" Lavrov enjoys 70 years of life and many years of diplomatic success (not that Western MSM can ever admit as much).

As the world goes nuts waiting for the big U$D reset, a summary of YOLO's greatest hits to lighten yer day:

  Best Hits: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's Greatest Achievements and Public Gaffes as He Turns 70

    .. When American counterpart Rex Tillerson noted that he would like to dance a tango with Russia, but wouldn't dance with Lavrov personally, the Russian minister noted that his "mother also forbade [him] to dance with boys".

    .. When then-Foreign Minister Taro Kono noted that Lavrov had brought snow with him from Russia, the latter responded that since Russia hadn't meddled Japan's elections, it decided to at least meddle in the country's weather.

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