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Not sure if this is real, but in looks real. I don't speak or read Polish, so cannot verify it.

Looks like a test run for other governments..

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[This is softly worded, but from what i understand, this is mandatory.
If one is put under quaratine, one has to install this app which will
send notification to take a selfie and submit it within not more than
20 minutes. This is more the Chinese approach. No social trust what so

Quarantined Poles can confirm their location with selfies using new
government app


Quarantined Poles can confirm their location with selfies using new
government app

A new smartphone application has been launched by the government for
people who are under quarantine orders. They will be able to verify
their whereabouts by sending selfies, as well as get access to various
forms of support during their isolation.

Under strict measures introduced in response to the coronavirus
pandemic, large numbers of people in Poland are legally obliged to
quarantine themselves at home for 14 days. This includes all Polish
citizens and residents returning from abroad as well as those who have
come into direct contact with people infected with COVID-19.

As of yesterday, the total number quarantined stood at 28,440, but
this figure is likely to rise sharply. Those caught not complying with
the orders face a fine of 5,000 zloty (€1,100).

Until now, police have been used to monitor compliance. But now an
app launched by the Ministry of Digital Affairs allows those under
quarantine to prove they are staying at home.

The app is only available for download by people required to undergo
quarantine. After registration, they must take a control photo of
themself. Thereafter, they will receive one or more text message per
day instructing them to send a new selfie within 20 minutes.

The system will then use geolocation and facial recognition technology
to ensure that the person is at the address provided when entering
quarantine. Failure to respond within 20 minutes triggers a reminder,
and if this in turn gets no response, the police are notified.

“We will be sending requests for photos ‘by surprise’,” said
digital affairs minister Marek Zagórski. “The idea is exactly the
same as with unannounced visits from police officers.”

“The data of people ‘checking in’ from quarantine are safe; they
won’t be collected or stored unnecessarily,” added Zagórski, who
said that the app would benefit both those under quarantine and the
authorities responsible for monitoring them.

In addition, the app will provide users with fast access to essential
information and allow them to contact local social assistance centres
requesting medication or food. The ministry also promises that
additional features will be added in the next few days.

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