NIST Provides Comprehensive Resources for Secure Teleworking

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Fri Mar 20 08:31:55 PDT 2020

On 3/20/20, John Young <jya at> wrote:
> NIST Provides Comprehensive Resources for Secure Teleworking

Don't forget... every supposed "end-to-end secure crypto" thingy that
pushes pulls terminates stores into from or on an endpoint you don't
control... is not secure, and often plundered in various manners by
those with your best disinterests in mind. This generally includes all
closed source commercial software. Wannabee Crypto AG's, NSA's,
and backdoor corporate datapimps everywhere.

> What are the best-in-class video conferencing options for low-bandwidth situations?

Lines flapping or dropping packets is classic
problem for streaming / interactive comms,
downgrade is to use file xfer tools.

Beware commercial services regarding cryptoprivacy.
There are lot of tools for creating crypto private lans,
anon nets, over IP to add that layer to standalone
opensource apps where needed.

If just low bandwidth, try testing point-to-point on lowest
rate/quality codec option settings first, don't need 4K HDR
just to talk and hold newspaper pages in front of camera.
If at least one peer can handle being a hub, or threat model
allows to rent some cheap shell host, then conference options
open up.

Tox, Jami, Matrix, Signal, Jitsi, Wire
FreeSWITCH, Jingle Protocol

Some people play with those, there are many tools,
see what fits, have fun.

More out there you can find...

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