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Wed Mar 18 23:42:20 PDT 2020 Corona Sex Interview McAfee

Life under Martial Law in Spain.

"Aren't I afraid, going outside? We are safe in here." No one is ever
safe. Fear caused this entire country to accept: - no travel - no open
businesses - no contacts with neighbors, friends - no approaching
anyone closer than 3 feet - no standing outside feeling the sun Sane?
Oh ... Can't touch anybody either."

We are in "Mandatory Quarantine" In this country -- An emergency law
Preventing any citizen From meeting with any other citizen ... Without
permission. This has never, In History, Without aggression, Been done
before. Shame on you ... My children.

I am chastised for not listening to Government's decisions And advice.
But I ask you: When was the last time you benefitted From listening to
your Government? Eh? :)

In 5 months The Coronavirus has killed 7,000 people Word-wide Out of 5
Billion people. That's 46 people a day. Worldwide. The flu kills 1,800
people a day. Why are we not locking down for the flu every year?? See
the idiocy people.

The vaccine debate: Here is the issue: Why do those who want
vaccinations Give a shit About what those who don't want them Choose
to do Or not do? If you're vaccinated you are safe from all ...
According to your own beliefs ... So why concern yourself with what
others do?

We are still unable to get out of Spain in order to go home. Nothing
open except hospitals and supermarkets. No banks No hotels No
restaurants, bars, clubs, Nothing. Can't get money Can't cash checks
... Nothing

We are destroying our economies, And giving up our freedoms to
assemble And move freely ... We are watching a society In the throes
of insanity.

It's the fear of Coronavirus That is our threat. Not the virus itself ...

When Coronavirus Is found to have little impact On World health - They
will tell us, With all seriousness, That we were SAVED By the
Draconian measures That they implemented.

The Coronavirus response has become - By any definition of the word -
Insane. And we voted these Fucks - Who are now making decisions about
our rights to assemble And move freely as we wish - Into positions of
power. Surely we can vote them out!?

"The Chinese are purposely spreading Coronavirus .. Though toilet
paper that has been sprayed with the virus Prior to packaging. AVOID

It's true: I see things others do not. But ... I've always assumed
That was the drugs.

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