Cryptocurrency: In times of recession, Coronavirus

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Mar 18 04:10:44 PDT 2020

On 3/18/20, Georgi Guninski <guninski at> wrote:
> Cryptocurrency exchange rate at times of recession?
> Dow Jones dropped and according to some we are at or near
> recession/financial crisis.
> How are cryptocurrencies going at times of recession/crisis?
> Browsed some rate charts on and bitcoin appears to
> have dropped in the beginning of March.

Electric + Internet = Crypto keeps on going. Down 25-50++%, relative
shifts, normal. Crypto not yet a top shelf adoption usage, thus can
get sold before other assets, for need, or bets in other markets.
Halvenings offering attractive inflation rates. Required Privacy and DEX
starting to be taken seriously. No currently leading coins expected to
handle credit card tx rates, too busy bloating selves by needing chain
history and layering on stupid apps, tokens, features, weight, centralized,
politics, compute, and metoos... instead of being simple lean high tx
distributed cash. Need new coin for that. Central of ASIC manufacture
and mining a bit iffy model over more distributed CPU. Regulation and
centralized fiat shitcoins are still biggest risks, that's pointless old world,
stop supporting either of them if expect to have anything new and free.

Mining cycles being temporarily diverted to coronavirus crunching.
Crypto coronavirus charity efforts, etc.

Crypto hist: ... ~= $1275/$200 2013-2015 ~= ... ~= $20k/$4k 2017-2020
~= ... ~= ???

Early days, have fun.

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