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Peter Fairbrother peter at
Tue Mar 17 06:39:38 PDT 2020

On 17/03/2020 11:07, Peter Fairbrother wrote:

> The bad news: the UK's present policy is still to delay the epidemic 
> rather than try to stop it, allowing over 60% of the population to catch 
> the disease at a projected cost of 400,000 UK deaths (UK Government 
> figures).

Coronavirus: UK changes course amid death toll fears

"Change course or a quarter of a million people will die in a 
"catastrophic epidemic" of coronavirus - warnings do not come much 
starker than that."

So maybe we will have a chance.

Maybe. I still do not trust the Government to do the right thing, and 
advisors who have been forced to change their policy often do not 
implement the new policy whole-heartedly.

As to what the US state and federal Governments will do, who knows? I 
hear some states are doing OK, but the federal government seems paralysed.

Unquarantined interstate travel should stop, today. Pretty sure the 
National Guard could enforce that.

Peter Fairbrother

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