Coronavirus: Thread

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Tue Mar 17 02:42:25 PDT 2020

"Eventually, everyone will be quarantined at their houses with no sports to
watch...  In 9 months from now, a boom of babies will be born.  And they
will call themselves 'the coronials'." -- say the old prophecies, aka.
"last weeks' speculations".

Your toilet paper stocks are ended.  How about stocking socks, condoms and
pills to avoid a bigger tragedy, please?  :D

Good luck and good f_ck to all of us, boys and girls!  :P

The only one f_cking me very hard is the dolar price here.  Unfortunately,
no orgasms, only crying and despair.  Uff, sh_t...  :((
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