Harvard Professor Indited in January for Biological Connections with Wuhan

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Snopes attempts to debunk this as "Mixed". When I first saw this
video, I thought it was some kind of hoax because it's that weird
recording of a video on a cell phone. It isn't. The links below prove
the video.







It is perhaps interesting to note that the majority of his group is


s-lieber-do-battery-research> (Article snippit below):

Lieber was arrested on 28 January on charges of making false
statements to U.S. law enforcement officials and federal funding
agencies about a collaboration he forged with researchers in China. He
was released two days later on a $1 million bond. An affidavit
outlining the charges against Lieber notes that in January 2013, he
signed an agreement between Harvard and Wuhan University of Technology
(WUT) in China. According to the affidavit, “The stated purpose of the
agreement, which had a five-year effective term, was to ‘carry out
advanced research and development of nanowire-based lithium ion
batteries with high performance for electric vehicles.’”

Officials at WUT have not responded to requests for comment on their
agreement with Lieber. But it outlines just the kind of high-tech work
that U.S. prosecutors involved in efforts to investigate Chinese
attempts to acquire advanced technology from U.S.-based researchers
say they are concerned about. They allege that the Chinese government
has used such collaborations to improperly take advantage of the
federally funded research enterprise, and gain an edge in economic and
military advances.

In Lieber’s case, however, the battery angle poses a puzzle. That’s
because a search of the titles of Lieber’s more than 400 papers and
more than 75 U.S. and Chinese patents reveals no mentions of
“battery,” “batteries,” “vehicle,” or “vehicles.” (According to
Lieber’s CV, through 2019 he has co-authored 412 research papers and
has 65 awarded and pending U.S. patents. The website of the Chinese
National Intellectual Property Administration indicates that Lieber
has been awarded 11 Chinese patents.)

In fact, one U.S. nanoscientist and former student of Lieber’s says:
“I have never seen Charlie working on batteries or nanowire
batteries.” (The scientist asked that their name not be used because
of the sensitivity surrounding Lieber’s case.)

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