Proof: COVID-19 is NOT a bioweapon -- Re: How to Spread Coronavirus on National Media

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Mon Mar 16 03:59:55 PDT 2020

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 09:43:05AM -0400, John Young wrote:
> Fauci Touches Face with Hand on National Media, Trump Touches Mic Emulated by
> Fauci and Several Attendees, No Recommended Distance Between Any of Them,
> Trump Handshakes, One Elbow Bump, What Can Go Wrong?

The Ministry insists that COVID-19 is absolutely NOT a bioweapon.  Just don't Yandex for Charles Lieber:

FTR, COVID-19 is definitely NOT a bioweapon developed by a Jewish scientist from Harvard who was recently awarded the Israeli "Wolf Prize" for his work!

  Jews Panic Over Accusations that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a Jewish Plot

      .. There is also the strange case of Charles Lieber, a Jewish scientist from Harvard, who was arrested this past January for lying about his connections to a research lab located in Wuhan. As we already know, Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Lieber was specifically involved in doing various types of research and development within the fields of neurobiology and nanotechnology. What the exact nature of his work was, is not quite known but his arrest and connection to Wuhan raises a number of serious questions.
      Lieber was previously given an Israeli award for his work.


      Iran’s deputy health minister catches coronavirus as outbreak causes shortage of masks and medicine

      Coronavirus: Iran says 23 MPs have disease


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