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 On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 04:04:00 PM PST, Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com> wrote:
 On Wed, Mar 4, 2020, 19:27 rooty <arpspoof at protonmail.com> wrote:

Anyone heard from ryacko. He went dark and just wondering what happened

>Maybe did you call him "super old" or say you are richer than him, even being a bot.
<You were pretty cruel with Razer and I do love a lot that bastard son of a b*tch.
>I annoyed Jim about his weight, saying it is perfectly regular for USA, because received a private message talking about "public fat shaming" and trying to prove me that 60 years old is too much time for living.  Sorry, Jim.  Another person had sent me the stupid message. 

No, due to my spam-folder misdirection, I haven't actually yet read about the  original "weight" email, although I just read your (unnecessary) apology for it.   Doesn't bother me. There are plenty of FALSE things that I can be upset about; no point at being upset at TRUE things!
              Jim Bell  
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