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Facts are important.  There is an idea that they are becoming
bifurcated and will soon be obsolete.  I think this is a false idea.
A truth is only as true as the ideas surrounding it.

Following are 5 links.  In order of creation and a short description
of each.  They are hosted on Google servers, so they should be safe
and work.  Take the time and precautions you see fit.  I have.

Disney Disabled Services Letter.pdf  A letter to Disneyland's disabled

1fTx0DDN.txt & dontdoanythingaboutthisplease.txt are the same
document, a letter to CIA Director Haspel:



Business letter.pdf a letter to Chelsea Manning sent to her jail cell
in Virginia by mail, with a copy sent to her lawyer via twitter

A list of Fax numbers I have sent these documents to. Sorting by Date
or phone will give you a good idea of where I was trying to
communicate to. The "Done - Good" tab at the bottom is only successful
faxes with page count confirmations as copied from my account:

There are other facts, but these are some of mine.  Please look into this.

Thank you.& Aloha

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