It's an Ill Wind

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Sun Mar 15 00:53:37 PDT 2020

On 3/14/20, John Young <jya at> wrote:
> Deft analysis. Positive infection salutory to
> clear out senior royal and political and
> governmental and  military and finance and spies
> and media and intellectual and celebrities and
> predators and environmental damagers and drug
> pushers, allowing angelic ethical fair-minded
> under-60s to take over the reliquaries in hazmat
> gear without guillotining, merely shovel the
> disinfected carcasses into the Thames to be
> encased in plastic waste and frozen into revived
> icelands. Until boarded by circumnavigating polar
> bears with plastic sails sniffing fresh meat down south.

Said skew in age distribution of deaths a quite
interesting game regarding herd of geriatric population
making up overloaded imbalance across most governments.
Then the stories of which moles shook who's global hands.
Could result in massive wipeouts and unpredictable
political change within such bodies. Already started
are post-scourge reworking projects to "stress test"
and prepare their own assemblies for next one.
This bug hardly nasty enough, seemingly not design
or ops limited to governments as Anthrax, and govts already
sequestered their dastardly bodies in continuance plans,
ready to roll out fresh propaganda when Corona clears.

Corona2, will it be the maker of wind, an ill flatulence upon the earth.

>>2- It's an Ill Wind

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