Chelsea Manning Supporters Raise A Quarter Million Dollars In Two Days

Razer g2s at
Sat Mar 14 20:12:34 PDT 2020


"In the likely event that you need some news to give you a bit of faith
in humanity today, you should know that supporters of whistleblower
Chelsea Manning have raised over a quarter million dollars to pay the
cruel, draconian fine that was heaped upon her for her principled stand
against testifying at corrupt secret grand jury proceedings.

In just two days after Manning was released from prison, more than six
thousand donors banded together to pay off the $258,000 fine assigned at
a thousand dollars a day by a federal judge on top of imprisonment to
coerce her to testify. Fundraising was so enthusiastic that it had
overshot the goal and reached $267,002 before the GoFundMe was closed.

Those of us who support Manning have been looking at this more as a fine
on us than on her, because of course we were never going to let a heroic
whistleblower spend the rest of her life under crushing debt. The fact
that the money came together so quickly and easily, though, says a lot
about the beauty of humans in my opinion."

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