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Sat Mar 14 17:31:07 PDT 2020

On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 10:57:40AM +1100, Zig the N.g wrote:
> It's a sad world:
>   Neo-Nazi White Knights Go All in on Defending the Honor of Women Who had Sex with Harvey Weinstein
>   http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/neo-nazi-white-knights-go-all-in-on-defending-the-honor-of-women-who-had-sex-with-harvey-weinstein/
>     [you just KNOW you don't want to see that alabaster thigh with the rose tattoo]
> Fortunately, TDS is here to set the teenyboppers straight!

Gee thanks, Z.g - that's a really hard hitting piece on consent.  It's too long to quote in general, but the myths put forward by the prosecution against Harvey Weinstein, and which are resoundingly debunked by the Amblin Memer, are as follows:

  1. Harvey Weinstein is a serial rapist.
  2. The Weinstein verdict does not set any precedent because it is the same as any other rape case.
  3. People who say that this set a new precedent don’t explain what it is.
  4. American women in their 20s who live in Hollywood and are attempting to get into the film industry are fragile and innocent, and don’t know that men want to have sex with them.
  5. An innocent woman in her 20s who lives in Hollywood and is an aspiring actress doesn’t know that when she’s invited up to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room and he answers the door in a bathrobe that he might try to do something sexual. They are too innocent to imagine that.
  6. Women are victims of “power dynamics.” A woman who is in a hotel room with Harvey Weinstein and is shocked to find that Harvey Weinstein, after inviting her to his hotel room and answering the door in a bathrobe, has become sexually aggressive with her, can’t scream out because she is too shocked and terrified. Plus she’s worried about her career.
  7. Fuck you.
  8. People who do not believe in consent theory and power dynamics, and various other modern feminist concepts regarding men and sex, are ugly, and they don’t want Harvey Weinstein to go to jail because he is also ugly like them.
  9. It is stupid to believe that legal cases set legal precedent. The justice system is already corrupt so it doesn’t matter. People shouldn’t worry about the precedent because the justice system favors people like Weinstein.
 10. Women who had sex with Harvey Weinstein in exchange for career advancement are not whores.
 11. Women who have sex for money in pornography are not whores.
 12. Men who call women who have sex for money whores are bad people.
 13. Men who do not support feminist theories of gender dynamics have low self-esteem because they are pathetic.
 14. Women should be involved in careers.
 15. If you don’t believe white women are competent and should be in the workplace, then you are against white people, because half of white people are women, and if you’re against women in the workplace you’re against women.
 16. If you are against women in the workplace, you are a loser.

(Z.g, you've dropped your game a little by not including the above list in your OP, but for a sock puppet you're not doing too bad...)

Literally, #FreeHarvey

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