Chelsea Manning Is Ordered Released from Jail

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Fri Mar 13 09:05:17 PDT 2020

On 3/12/20 3:22 PM, John Young wrote:
> A Federal District Court judge overseeing the matter, Anthony J.
> Trenga, said that he also dismissed on Thursday the grand jury that
> Ms. Manning was refusing to testify before after finding that its
> business had concluded.
> "The court finds that Ms. Manning's appearance before the grand jury
> is no longer needed, in light of which her detention no longer serves
> any coercive purpose," Judge Trenga wrote.


It IS NOT CLEAR whether she's been released because the Grand Jury has
finished it's term, just to be re-incarcerated when a new Grand Jury is
convened, or whether she's been completely relieved of the
court-demanded "responsibility" to reiterate her court martial testimony.

The latter is SERIOUSLY UNLIKELY until Julian Assange is exonerated.

After all, they released her after the last grand jury was termed out,
and then immediately put her back in a cell again because Double
Jeopardy doesn't apply. She not being charged with anything, She's being
held to coerce her to comply with a court order that she testify about
whether she gave Assange her wikileaks password.

She claims she already answered that during her court martial and the
government's demand she re-state her testimony is an attempt to entrap
her if her testimony varies by even a word, which IS how the feds manage
to imprison people they can't otherwise convict. By claiming you lied or
perjured if your testimony varies.

It's criminal, and it's common, and even if you look at the people
around presidents who end up convicted in federal courts it's rarely for
the original charges and typically for that bit of entrapment. They ask
you the same questions over and over. Show up at 12 midnight for another
interview, and literally harass you until you crack and attack them so
they can blow you away , or find some discrepancy and jail you for lying.

About that 'blowing away' thing. See this tag at my tumblr about what
they did to an acquaintance of the Boston Marathon Bomber.


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