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"On Thursday, the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, the
nongovernmental organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launched
its Uncensored Library, embedded deep inside the computer game
Minecraft. The project makes information blocked in certain countries
available via the online universe.

Around the world, more than 145 million people meander through the
landscape of Minecraft's virtual blocks. Recognizing the game's reach,
RSF decided to create a channel for banned information.

Situated on its own island, within the Minecraft universe, the library
is a relatively massive structure for the game. The library is stocked
with articles banned in the countries where they were written. Articles
from journalists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico and Vietnam
represent the beginnings of a database that will be expanded, said
Kristin Bässe, who supervised the project for RSF. "It is designed to
have a real impact," she said. Those five nations were chosen for their
large numbers of Minecraft players."


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