It's an ill wind...

Kurt Buff - GSEC, GCIH kurt.buff at
Wed Mar 11 18:11:33 PDT 2020

Consider, if you will, a possible outcome of the current bio-crisis.
(I want it over, swiftly, and with as little damage to humanity as
possible, I really do, but it doesn't look promising at the moment)

We're seeing some congress critters self-quarantining. I think it
likely that more will do the same.

And yet, they (and some of you, even it not not so much me) want the
work of the Congress to continue.

How to resolve this?

One solution is teleconferencing. Votes, meetings, etc., could be
carried out this way, and work (such as it is) can get done. Think of
the transparency (if not voluntarily achieved, perhaps attained with
the help of some volunteer work by technologically sophisticated
persons of flexible morals).

If this goes on for a while, there's no reason why they (the
accumulated they of Congress and staff) wouldn't become acculturated
and accustomed to this new way.

At that point, what's to stop the congress critters and their remoras,
with suitable encouragement, to permanently relocate to their own

It would certainly make lobbying more difficult, being in view of
their constituents, rather than sequestered in the summer hellhole
that is DC.

I have a dream...


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