Cryptocurrency: EARN-IT Threatens Entire Internet, Kill This Bill Dead Now!!!

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Mar 9 05:05:07 PDT 2020

Wake the hell up. It is the EARN IT Act. Everyone in crypto should be
opposing it. If you can be sued for running a crypto node, are you
going to? That is what will happen...
Unless people start connecting the dots and implications of this evil
bill, crypto will continue to go down.

The EARN IT Act is far worse than the Patriot Act, because it
threatens to undo the last 30 years of progress the internet has made
in red pilling people about power and corruption.

Trump and Bill Bar are basically striping the 230 protections so that
you have to apply for them. They will set rules and decide who can get
the protections.
The 230 protections basically assign responsibility for user generated
content on the poster of the content, not the hosting, website, or
other entities. It provides a clear way for the internet to host free
and open discussions without supposing that the any entity
transmitting or housing the data is liable for the content being
transmitted, hosted, or displayed by any individual or company that
didn't create the content.
Without this clarity of law, civil and criminal suits would basically
kill the internet as we know it because every single entity on the
internet would end up being very afraid of lawsuits for user generated
In order for crypto to work it has to not care what the source of the
data is or what it is for. If Trump and Barr get their way, the
internet will become just as sanitized and "safe" as broadcast TV
before the internet. This means that every crypto node will have to
get permission from Barr (the DOJ) in order to operate on the
internet. You can be sure that the rules will be such that particular
transactions will have to be blocked if they demand it.
So if you value what crypto represents, please pay attention to this
bill and oppose it like it means the end of the internet as we know

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