UEFA Bans Pre-Match Sex in All Competitions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Sun Mar 8 16:46:34 PDT 2020

Actually, just handshakes, but same diff.

  UEFA Bans Pre-Match Handshakes in All Competitions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

And from the "I did not have incidental relations with those politicians" department:

  ACU Chairman Says He Only Had ‘Incidental’ Contact With Coronavirus-Infected CPAC Attendee

Johnny Depp's ex gets handy swinging a pot in Mexico:

  Women March Against Violence in Mexico City Ahead of 24-Hour Strike on Monday - Video

Hillary Clinton tries to convince DNCNNPC candidates that if she runs with them as Vice President, they will still be alive at the end of even 1 term in office as President:

  2020 US Election: Hillary Clinton Would 'Love' to See 'Someone Becoming First Woman Vice President'

Coronavirus world tour continues:

  Coronavirus World Tour: Stock Up on Toilet Paper, Because Everyone is Going to Die
  Australians Go to War for Toilet Paper as Stocks Run Low

White House finally doing the right thing by Palestinians:

  Jared Kushner Says White House Will Approve Annexation of Entire West Bank No Matter What

Roger Waters makes it to Tucker Carlson:

  Tucker Interviews Roger Waters on Julian Assange Persecution

And finally, Paris mosques are becoming safe spaces:

  At Least One Injured After Man Opens Fire in Mosque in Paris - Reports

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