1984: Utah Pimps All its Feeds to Banjo Secret AI Surveillance Corp

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 16:25:28 PDT 2020




The state of Utah has given an artificial intelligence company
real-time access to state traffic cameras, CCTV and "public safety"
cameras, 911 emergency systems, location data for state-owned
vehicles, and other sensitive data. The company, called Banjo, says
that it's combining this data with information collected from social
media, satellites, and other apps.
In its pitches to prospective clients, Banjo promises its technology,
called "Live Time Intelligence," can identify, and potentially help
police solve, an incredible variety of crimes in real-time.
"include but may not be limited to speech recognition and natural
language processing" as well as automatic scene detection, object
recognition, and vehicle detection on real-time video footage pulled

Banjo's pitch to state and local agencies is that the more data that's
fed into it, the better its product will work... Privacy experts are
unsure how Banjo can be doing anything other than applying machine
learning to a terrifying amount of data to create a persistent
panopticon pointed at everyone who lives in Utah.

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