Bruce Schneier Whores For CoronaVirus Hysteria

Razer g2s at
Sun Mar 8 09:12:32 PDT 2020

This article is full of independently unverified information and lies
about Russian disinformation campaigns. Considering Schneier is a known
US intelligence agency asset that's not surprising.

The US government is sowing panic and hysteria to cripple China's
ability to do business globally, based on vaporware statistics and
conjecture regarding the outcome of what basically amounts to a COLD.

I mean... You don't REALLY want to have to take out a loan to buy your
next pair of sweatpants, or mortgage you house to afford an iPhone, do you?

That's what would happen (ok, so it's a bit exaggerated) if the US
actually was stupid enough to try standard trade war tactics, so instead
it's Hybrid Economic war by that old tried and true INSTITUTIONAL
SLANDER, and the US media, seeing a FORTUNE to be made sensationalizing
it, followed along like the WHORES they are.

How Hackers and Spies Could Sabotage the Coronavirus Fight

Intelligence services have a long history of manipulating information on
health issues, and an epidemic is especially tempting for interference.
Why aren’t we better prepared?

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