America is the greatest empire to grace the face of the Earth

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Fri Mar 6 14:18:19 PST 2020

America is the greatest empire to grace the face of the Earth.

If there is evidence to the contrary, it ought to be ignored.

The idea that it is a laughing matter that a senile buffoon might be
the Democratic nominee is somewhat baffling considering criticisms of
Trump. But no one really made arguments on principle, it is just to
dunk on the other side.

There are benefits to being the greatest empire, when Americans say
America, people know they aren't referring to the continent, when
Americans are wronged, our government redresses their concerns, when
we travel abroad, everyone accepts American cash. We attract the
greatest thinkers, the greatest doers, because that is America.

Of course there will always be cliques of people who will think others
are gross and rather not deal fairly with them, but prevailing
circumstances will always dictate concerns.

Wish the Spanish acronym for the US wasn't EE UU but EUA, but
whatever, I'd don't speak it.
Democratic insiders know Biden has cognitive decline issues. They joke
about it. They don’t care.

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