Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz wears gas mask during vote to address new coronavirus

Razer g2s at riseup.net
Thu Mar 5 09:34:26 PST 2020

Fearmonger wrote:

> My understanding is that respirators DON'T filter exhaled air, just incoming air.  So, people around such a wearer aren't protected from his infection.  This should be fixed.

It's the other way. The typical surgical mask thingie keeps you from
transmitting whatever via sneezes etc and has no effect whatsoever for
incoming germs.

You need an N-95 HEPA filter in a full coverage (eyes too) gas mask, but
if you're already pulmonary-impaired you won't be able to breathe
through it so ... good bye. Good riddance.

But to the point... Lets talk global overpopulation and Mass DieOffs,
because all this WhooHooFlu agitprop is just so much FEARMONGERING and
it bores the living FUCK out of me.

Most western media makes it sound like 3rd world 'shithole nations' are
overpopulated, but in reality that's not the case. If it wasn't for
western nation's GMO cash crops and sweat shops shoved down the
citizen's throats by strongman dictators often installed or assisted to
power by the west, most citizens of Ghana, Eritrea, Peru, lets say,
would be growing FOOD to feed themselves and making their own clothes
and doing other useful things that support their survival.

Therefore these people are not the overpopulated cohort. They are
capable of producing what they need to survive and do little damage to
the earth in the process, until the west and it's fixers show up.

It's western office workers, app developers, coders, intelligence agency
assets like John Young and Jim Bell, who are a drag on the planet... as
a matter of fact almost NO ONE in the western (no longer) industrial
world does ANYTHING even remotely related to their survival on the planet.

Who wants to get their hands dirty or chip the paint job on their
fingernails for shit wages when you can shuffle papers and make
appointments for 80 grand a year as a googleadminassistant and buy your
Peruvian 'miracle grain' Quinoa at StarFucks (their vendors use child

Westerners, especially Americans, are a net drain on planetary resources
and if they all experience a mass dieoff, the planet wont miss them, NOR
WILL THE PEOPLE THEY KILL AND ENSLAVE so they can have a 'free ride'.


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