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Everything has a cost/benefit, and everyone who's read standard goverment handouts re vaccinations with conscientiousness, and observes the billion dollar gov. "compensation for vaccine damage" funds, has realised that we are perhaps not as aware of the cost/benefit ratio, and ("negative") considerations regarding vaccination of our children, as perhaps we ought be. Hint, over $4 billion and counting - and these funds were only started up a few years ago to absolve the pharmaceutical companies (vaccine producers) of financial liability for adverse effects from vaccination.

The true ratios and stats are not so easy to find, but they are out there...

Search hints:

  adverse effects, adverse events reporting database
  vaccine injury compensation
  vaccination compensation
  risk of death from vaccination
  vaccination serious side effects

Although "death" is a listed side effect in the government produce vaccination literature, as they say in the boondocks, there's nothin' "side" about death.
    According to a new book, it is not just MMR that parents should be wary of - evidence is mounting that other vaccines may have dangerous side effects

  What are the Side Effects of Hepatitis B Vaccine?
    60 Things that Can Go Terribly Wrong with Hepatitis B Vaccination
    Among the problems the vaccination may cause are:
      - Autoimmune inflammatory polyneuropathy.
      - Multiple sclerosis.
      - Anaphylactic shock and death in babies.
      - Chronic arthritis.
      - Autism.
      - Bell’s palsy.  [Jim, you've got a lot to answer for on this one :)]
      - Guillain-Barre syndrome.
      - Diabetes.
      - Rheumatoid arthritis.
      - Lupus.
      - Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia purpura.
      - Convulsions and brain disorders such as sleeping sickness (brain swelling) and brain demyelination.
      - Immune dysfunction.
      - Visual and hearing problems, consisting of optic neuritis.
      - Pancreatitis.
      - Autism spectrum conditions.
          A research study released September 2009 in Annals of Epidemiology likewise discovered that offering hepatitis B vaccine to infant kids more than tripled their risk for an autism spectrum condition.


Please, think of your children and do your research -prior- to vaccinating them, and consider the chances of your 6 month old baby actually getting hepatitis and therefore "needing" a vaccination against this STD!

Hint: vaccination used to be called "immunisation" (immunization).  But it does not immunise, often sensitizes, thus the necessary name change to vaccination, to reduce "false advertising/ deceptive information" liability re vaccines.

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*The parents tell their story with their brain damaged children for you to
see for yourself the facts of what can happen: YOU JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.*

*Exclusive: Vaxxed 2 Producers Release Devastating Information To The World*

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