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Tue Mar 3 08:16:32 PST 2020

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020, 10:23 rooty <arpspoof at> wrote:

Hey Jim drink lots of oj, get some exercise and lots of sleep. Even though
> you are super old don't think you'll get it.

Natural orange, lemon, or other fruits juice, not disgusting artificial
beverages with lots of sugar, please, Jim.  Green tea would be healthy too.

(But it has a bit of caffeine.  Do not drink it in case of insomnia or
anxiety, please!)

You need to give a boost in your organism.  So keep your hydration, eat
healthy food, and get regular rest, please.

Rooty, being sincere, why did you decide to be cruel?  "Super old"?!  Jim
is old enough for being our father, but he is definitely not a "super old"

Ask excuses to Jim, please.  He is already sad enough for being called
"super old".

And Jim, sorry for saying you are overweight.  For your country patterns,
you are just another regular guy.  Sorry, it was not "fat shaming", just
think it is not healthy when you already have diabetes.  Take care with
this disease.  It can be most dangerous than any flu.

Kisses, take care!  <3

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