Bad News/Good News

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Tue Mar 3 01:03:26 PST 2020

Hi, Jim!  Hope you are less stressed now, after opening your heart and
sharing your fears.

Sorry for being less 'cecilian' than usual, but I do need to sleep.  Mode
sleepy zombie on.  (- _ -)zzzz...

Please, dear, you will NOT fall ill.  Stop thinking this kind of depressing
and very stressing thing to avoid psychological and physical somatizations,

First of all, with only 61 years old, a guy is not considered "an old man"
neither in Brazil or Japan.  Really sorry whether it happens in USA.

My best friend is 61 years old since the last month.  I have really great
friends with 72, 88, 92, etc, etc, years old, and I loved to make stupid
jokes when some of them were 69 years old, hahahaha!!!  ;D

Also have lots of teenager friends and it's fun to mix the ideas of both
groups.  Life is funnier when you learn something new all the days!  :D

Well...  You do need to manage better your diabetes.  Sorry for saying it,
but you should walk around or try biking.  Pardon, you are overweight and
it is definitely not good for your health, with or without coronavirus.

Control your fears. Try to occupy your mind with good thoughts and fun
hobbies.  No panic, please.

I live in a place very famous for being the "Oriental District" of the
whole country and for being one of the most haunted places of the city.
Life is still the same here.  Or death, in the ghosts' case.

Sincerely?  I have better things to do now instead of becoming sick, and I
bet you also have much more to do.

Take care of yourself with tenderness and be well, darling.  Relax and be
happy, please.  Kisses and hugs!  <3

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