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jim bell jdb10987 at
Mon Mar 2 23:03:11 PST 2020

The bad news is that I live in the state, Washington, that so far has had 6 COVID-19 deaths.  The ONLY COVID-19 deaths in the entire US!!!
The good news is that I live in Vancouver, Washington, kinda-sorta the 'ass end' of Washington, about 160 miles south of where the main COVID action is.
The bad news is that a few days ago, I visited a friend temporarily in a care home very near Seattle (NOT the one that made the news over the last 2-3 days, connected to 5 of the 6 deaths.)  This friend has numerous ailments, but generally dating from long before COVID existed.  
More bad news is that 5 days after I left, he got very ill with vomiting, and had to go to a hospital.  He thinks it's conceivable he got this COVID-19, although I don't think he has been tested for that.   Yet.  He is also fairly close to the Chinese community in Seattle, which is about 4.5% of the population there.  
More bad news is that I hear that especially hard-hit are old men.   In little more than 1 month, I turn 62.
More bad news is that people with diabetes are hit harder.  I have diabetes.
So, anyone want to take bets on whether I fall ill in the next 2-3 weeks?
               Jim Bell

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