Cryptocurrency: CBDC's Racing to Backdoor Distributed Cryptos

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Mar 2 00:10:38 PST 2020

"Officials at central banks are considering how and whether to create
a digital form of cash," reports Qz: As money gets swept up by tech
innovation, government authorities are taking a closer look at old
fashioned notes and coins. More than a dozen countries are either
researching, piloting, or, like China, have ongoing work in place for
central bank digital currencies, according to a Bank for International
Settlements report published today. "Central banks around the world
are investigating a rich set of prototypes," the BIS wrote...
While physical cash isn't yet endangered in most places, the
experience of a few countries, notably Sweden, China, and even to some
extent the UK, shows that a world with much less cash usage is
increasingly possible. That's why the BIS, sometimes called the
central bank for central banks, published a report sketching out
possible designs for a peer-to-peer central bank digital currency.

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