Did Appelbaum Meet Snowden in Hawaii Before Leak?

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Mar 1 06:27:39 PST 2020

March 1, 2020<https://twitter.com/ageis>
<https://twitter.com/ageis>Kevin Gallagher
"According to <https://twitter.com/laurapoitras>@laurapoitras Berlin 
Journal from Astro Noise, <https://twitter.com/ioerror>@ioerror was 
keyed into forthcoming <https://twitter.com/Snowden>@Snowden leak 
from March 2013 at the latest. Both interviewed "C4" via e-mail. Jake 
travels Hawaii in April 2013, supposedly for 30th birthday. People 
are curious if they met then."

Also, a Crypto Party was conducted in Honolulu by Runa Sandvik and 
Snowden in January 2013.

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