Nike sweatshop labor softens the shoes

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Mar 1 04:00:09 PST 2020
History: Islamic cleric Abu an-Nasar who made Satuq to convert Islam,
advised Sultan Satuq that he should pretend to build a temple but with
the intention of building a mosque... Satuq was variously stated as
12+ years old when he became Muslim khan, and he began to wage
religious war against non-Muslims. Satuq obtained a fatwa which
permitted him in effect to commit patricide, and killed his father,
after which he conquered Kashgar. According to Tazkirah, the Sultan,
having converted the infidels to Islam by his sword, established the
laws and religion of the Holy Muhammad, the Messenger of God.

Perhaps China view it own actions as form of defense
re lessons of history. And is MBS China's pretend bitch.

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