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> I'm in the USA and somebody mentioned CHAZ earlier, an autonomous secession zone that sprouted here, which is inspiring. I believe we need reliable secure logging of such things (restricted to the areas the residents want it in) so as to know we can have future discourse around the issues they struggle through. Sustainable public news on them written by residents, and distribution of such news, would help, as well as collaboration between them which could possibly be done with a blockchain wiki synchronized via ham radio, say. I'm not near anything myself.
> Any thoughts?

Not sure if CHAZ is the Paris Commune or even could have any relation with it...

Anyway yes in general there is a need for a system which can provide news, information - and this could be shaped as a bulletin or a gazette.
In a way that its origin (e.g. authors, publication) could not be tampered with.

In my opinion of there would be a renewal of Cypherpunk movement, they would be more or less the sole consumer of their own technology.
Eg they would use the system to brodcast news to each others in such a way that news content cannot be altered and that the identity of the authors cannot be established.
PKI + internet is certainly not the answer to that. Blockchain + Ham Radio may be the right solution.

making robust crypto algos using non-digital technology is not easy but surprinsingly it's possible. Such crypto devices uses 'basic' components which can be manufactured outside China without too much problems.

So yes a blockchain using ham radio and crypto on non-digital devices may be a solution. No PGP here, no PKI - at least in the usual meaning.
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