[OT, but curious] bye bye, 5G...

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Sat Jun 27 19:41:45 PDT 2020

On 06/27/2020 07:34 PM, Punk-Stasi 2.0 wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Jun 2020 17:00:19 -0700
> Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
>> On 06/27/2020 04:29 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
>>> Curious and strangely uncomfortable...  :-/
>>> <
>>> https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/verizon-teases-forthcoming-dss-launch-for-nationwide-5g/2020/06
>>> COVID killing people, 5G, and other dreams since...  this f* year, ouch!
>>> (>_<)*
>> Yeah, it's been a fucking horrible year, so far :(
> 	'covid' doesn't exist, and 5G is a dream only for the technofascist 'elites'. 

OK, so what do you say is killing all those people?

And are you literally claiming that the virus doesn't exist, and that
there's a global conspiracy behind it all?

>> And the rest of the year could well be worse. As in global financial
>> meltdown. 
> 	that would be great 

I don't know that I'd go that far. I do see the ecological benefit, of
course. And my Bitcoin and precious metals (physical) would be worth
more, relative to stuff. But then, maybe there'd be food shortages, no
electricity, and so on. Which would suck.

>> And the rest of the decade could bring the end of our entire
>> civilization. 
> 	and that would be so incredibly amazing. Side note, the correct spelling is CESSPOOL, not 'civilization'. 

Yeah, I'd like to see that, in maybe 10-15 years. Because I'd be almost
dead then, and the "I told you so" rush would be sweet. But it would
suck if it happens before I'm ready to die.


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