[OT, but curious] bye bye, 5G...

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Sat Jun 27 17:41:32 PDT 2020

See below.

On 2020-06-28 00:00, Mirimir wrote:
> And the rest of the year could well be worse. As in global financial
> meltdown. And the rest of the decade could bring the end of our entire
> civilization. AKA the Jackpot. Or at least, over the inflection point.

The term "the Jackpot" of course comes from William Gibson's 2014
science fiction novel The Peripheral.

There's nowadays a subreddit r/collapse where redditors discuss, well,
"the collapse", that being their term.

I've been wondering for a while - what other terms, from science fiction
or Internet subcultures or elsewhere - are there for this current thing
humanity is experiencing? Besides "the Jackpot" and "the collapse", can
anyone list any additional widely or significantly used ones?

(Not to mention, just, an anthropogenic mass extinction event. Cue
reactionaries on this list freaking out because they are primed to
protect dolla dolla bill from evidence of global warming etc.)


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