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> My understanding of Cypherpunks is - as per their Manifesto - that they are trying to build privacy in a world where privacy is becoming a crime.
> I thought recently that the biggest 'weapon' against a fascism regime would be to create the inability for that fascist regime to track, locate, monitor and spy someone.

in the words of every hacker ever: "What's your threat model?"

nation state attackers are fairly infallible, unless you're personally gifted and/or well resourced...

> I walk in the street right now. Nobody knows who I am.

check out Clearview AI - and remember this is a commercial, non-classified effort!
E.g.: ,

> My neighbor doesn't know my name. I rent a flat without any ID. Nobody knows my name.

finding the friendly landlord landlady who likes cash, month to month, is great. not that digital payments are not cash equivalents, however!

> My SIM card isn't linked to any ID (true).

check out "The Find", and other techniques that are designed to work against burner phones; they attack pattern of life data exhaust across all cell tower radios in addition to targeted attacks against specific baseband chipsets of "selected" targets....

> My credit card isn't my own credit card but belongs to someone who doesn't know me really. I get paid in Bitcoins. I go to a local shop and get cash against BTC without showing any ID.

next up, employ a mixer / tumbler when transacting BTC to avoid deanonymization attacks against the network itself. :P
E.g. , etc...

> My phone cannot track me because it hasn'\t a GPS and so on ...

note that tower based triangulation is nearly as effective as GPS, in terms of geolocation privacy risk.

> I know that with the time that sort of life will be harder and harder. Hence I feel it is a noble task to build a system where people can live a normal life and stay anonymous - as they want.

indeed! as mentioned before:

first deploy encryption to kill passive Eve's ears.
then keying Hardened end-to-end to avoid active Mallory in the Middle.
finally, harden Physical Security against burglary and rubber brutes...

> Interesting enough soon there will be Quantum crypto, and maybe NSA has already it.
> How long can we trust these good old programs such as PGP? RSA wouldn't last a long time against a quantum computer ...

side benefit of privacy enhancing technologies like Fully Homomorphic Encryption: they're resistant to quantum attacks (e,g. Post-Quantum ready crypto :)

C.f.: , , etc.

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