LAX is testing thermal cameras as a coronavirus health measure - The Washington Post

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> On Fri, 26 Jun 2020 04:43:54 -0400
> Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> > I see you speaking harm needlessly, and it is painful to see this.
>         OK Karl I see you're a fucking idiot, or govt agent, or both.

@J., please, stop annoying Karl and scaring interesting newbies just for a
while.  Interesting, not necessarily friendly or trustful...  Oh, and stop
blocking my personal messages!  I do hate your new email address.

@Karl, I am dead and there is Internet in the Hell.  Only five minutes.
Please, I know you are not well at all, but avoid to complain about
everything, and trying so polite, and using the other N word.  Seriously,

Read all the archives to understand the whole drama and internal jokes
instead of acting like me, or I will ask for redemption and my memory of
past  - including you! - will be deleted.  Much more deleted than my
Telegram messages.  Did I mention they delete your messages when you die?
Booowooh!!!  ;D

Oh, Z.H. is a f* egocentric Nazi and Z.t.N. is one of his grotesque
creations!  Please, now I am dead.  Let me rest in peace.

@Mirimir, I know, but I am dead.  Wait just a bit more, please.  The moment
is pretty complex.  Love you!  <3

@grarpamp...  Hmm...  Meow?  Sorry, no time for purring, dear.  The city
where I live is using QR codes to archive all the corpses before burying
them.  Future registers for the families' searches.  Pretty sad, I am
feeling miserable and want back some of my dead friends...

I know I said I am dead, but it's only inside.  The outside is technically
well.  Still charming and stressed.  Completely miserable at this point.

@Greg, your patience is infinite!  Thanks a lot, again, and again, wow!!!

(I wasn't blessed with any "Oriental patience", uff!)

@All, amazing nights and days!!!  <3. <3. <3

Ceci...  From Hell, using a Gmail account, hahahaha!!!  Sorry, it would be
fun!  ;D

...but the "Wild West" metaphor still being used in 2020 is so decadent and
old that hurts my heart...  ugh!  :-/

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