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Well I guess Cypherpunks aren't necessarily trying to destroy governments, there are plenty of organizations doing that very well... especially their own secret services.

My understanding of Cypherpunks is - as per their Manifesto - that they are trying to build privacy in a world where privacy is becoming a crime.

I thought recently that the biggest 'weapon' against a fascism regime would be to create the inability for that fascist regime to track, locate, monitor and spy someone.

I walk in the street right now. Nobody knows who I am. My neighbor doesn't know my name. I rent a flat without any ID. Nobody knows my name. My SIM card isn't linked to any ID (true). My credit card isn't my own credit card but belongs to someone who doesn't know me really. I get paid in Bitcoins. I go to a local shop and get cash against BTC without showing any ID. My phone cannot track me because it hasn'\t a GPS and so on ...

I know that with the time that sort of life will be harder and harder. Hence I feel it is a noble task to build a system where people can live a normal life and stay anonymous - as they want.

Anything we want to do now, we must *prove* that we are not criminals, we must take pictures of ourselves, dancing in front of a webcam and so on... not for me.

Interesting enough soon there will be Quantum crypto, and maybe NSA has already it.
How long can we trust these good old programs such as PGP? RSA wouldn't last a long time against a quantum computer ...


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> There's some in the aether somewhere.
> The vulgarity is a side effect of free speech. But me, I'm fine with it. Would much rather be able to call a spade a spade instead of guessing who is what in the kayfabe of normalcy.
> But you're right a true cypher punk wouldn't be disgussing plans to subvert government on an open message board
> Jun 26, 2020, 18:19 by cryptoanalyzers at
>> I am a Mathematician and involved in "industrial" cryptography.
>> However, I am interested in the Cypherpunk movement as described by the Cypherpunk's manifesto.
>> I am unsure if this mailing list still relates to the original Cypherpunk movement...
>> Obviously it contains many inordinate messages containing vulgar terms.
>> I also do believe that a public mailing list would be the last place on earth Cypherpunks would choose to meet and discuss but who knows?
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