Lifetime "lib/dems" going "gun nuts" - the surprisingly positive effects of USA chaos - [PEACE] [GUNS]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Jun 26 05:25:37 PDT 2020

An interesting and apparently systemic change is underway in the USA, with a surprisingly positive effect of the Some Kind O' Crazy™©® going on around us all.

      "I have seen the emergence of a new class of students seeking training: anti-Second Amendment liberals," he said.

   Illinois Gun Permit Applications Soar 500% As Frightened Liberals Embrace 2nd Amendment

      ..Over 40,000 Illinois residents applied for a gun permit over a two-week period this month, a jump of more than 500% over this time last year according to Illinois State Police.

      "Take a full glass of coronavirus, shake in a shot of riots and another of this defund police notion, and everything goes crazy," gun shop owner Mark Glavin told the Chicago Tribune. "Not to mention the backlog on background checks."

      The state's mandatory 72-hour background check has stretched to more than a week for some of Glavin's customers, putting Illinois residents in the same boat as Californians - who have a 10-day wait before they can take possession of recently bought firearms.

      ..Des Plaines gun store and range owner Dan Eldridge says that half of the customers scrambling to arm up are first-time buyers.

      "The numbers I saw from the National Shooting Sports Foundation … said 40% of respondents to (store) surveys were new, first-time buyers. And of those, 40% are female — 40% of the 40%," said Eldridge. "We’re tracking 150% of a typical May in firearms sales ... and that’s with being open by appointment only."

      Eldridge also noted that sales of defensive ammunition, such as hollow-point bullets, were 10x as high.

      ..Liberals embracing the 2nd Amendment

            A 38-year-old man from Dixon — who didn’t want his name used, citing employment reasons — described himself as “a very liberal Democrat” who for decades has been “for most forms of gun control politically.” But since March, he’s been waiting for his first gun permit to arrive so he can keep his family safe, he said.

            “My views have recently changed, and I have accepted that the Second Amendment provides for the personal ownership and use of a firearm,” he said in an email. “The recent social unrest of a divisive president, the pandemic and dramatic rise in unemployment, and the more recent social unrest because of the way we police in this country have all been reasons that have prompted my recent application.” -Chicago Tribune

      ..Concealed Carry gun instructor and owner of Safer USA, David Lombardo, says he's had several callers recently who have disclosed their political beliefs while asking him for private one-on-one training because "they don't want anyone to know they're doing the training, let alone going to buy a firearm."

      "I have seen the emergence of a new class of students seeking training: anti-Second Amendment liberals," he said.


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