Karl gmkarl at
Thu Jun 25 18:59:04 PDT 2020

> > Greg, thank you.
> >
> > I'm afraid I've never administered mailman myself before: could you
> confirm
> > that resetting the bounce scores also re-enables the accounts?
> Yes, that's what it does. Or is supposed to do.

Thank you for the clarity.

> The list sent me a notification that I was required to manually re-enable
> > my account for me to receive email from it again, and I don't know
> whether
> > you've experienced or dealt with this before yourself.
> Do you mean, AFTER I sent my note above? Or before? The fix I applied was
> supposed to reset everyone, so nobody needs to manually reset.

Before.  Sorry.  Used to dealing with unaddressed bugs.

> Perhaps I didn't do what I thought, but it looked like all subscribers
> were set to again receive mail, and any previous bounces were forgotten.

This is a relief.  Thank you =)
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