Superseding indictment of Julian Assange as of 6/24/2020

John Young jya at
Thu Jun 25 12:53:01 PDT 2020

Assange will be sacrificed and discarded by journalists once no 
longer useful. This is a long-standing practice to assure official 
protection and privilege. Assange once advocated this warning but was 
eventully coopted by journalists who joined his team and pushed the 
outreach to duplicitous journalism.

Braying about threat to journalism by Assange's prosecution is a 
deception op conducted in cooperation with authorities. Snowden's 
promoters have admitted consulting with USG on what to publish, what 
to redact, what to withhold. Barton Gellman describes his following 
this CYA standard procedure in Dark Mirror.

WikiLeaks burned sources with loose security, incoherent management, 
Julian's vanity and opportunism, thinking he could use cohorts for 
his purpose without penalty. The indictment outlines the parties he 
enlisted, quite a few likely to have decided to cooperate, like Sabu, 
the "Teenager," maybe Appelbaum, others pseudonymed.

Those he has manipulated will turn against him under pressure from 
prosecutors against them, their families and friends. Same happened 
to Manning, Swartz, kirakou, Hammond, long list of others.

Snowden will eventually be handed over to USG by those he came to 
trust the most. Trust wears thin over time and goosed by planted 
suspicions and doubts, ambition, need for income. And fans are 
notoriously fickle, don't give a shit after the excitement wanes, 
smears are spread, bots and media countermesures are unleashed, 
rewards are offered like Greenwald's "irresistables" undergirding The 

And there is always the AP option for terminating JA. Treachery of 
supporters is too.

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