Industrial society and its present

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> I'm reminded of the Thomas Jefferson quote, "a well-informedelectorate is a prerequisite todemocracy." Well, the same is true for any societal structure, those that are involved need to be well-informed in order to navigate the system and not get fucked over.
> ... Machine learning is still far from making conscious decisions as far as I can tell.

imagine a fully self contained (by extension, fully decentralized!) technology which gave you the benefit of best practice, in any domain. as a non-expert, you're bound to encounter any number of common errors; remove these errors via second sight over your shoulder, offering you the best action in your best interest. this is within the realm of current deep learning techniques, without a full fledged consciousness required.

a great equalizer for the common person, as they interact with society!

the fact that we've built technology infrastructures around centralized control and end-user antagonistic devices is no inherent flaw of technology, but the aggregate errors of fallible humans choosing convenience and cheap, again and again.

redirecting human effort toward human-centric decentralized technology left as an exercise for the reader. ;)

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