Cryptocurrency: Court News - Frauds, Defamists, other Speshuls... Cricket Economics, Applied Tech

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 20 15:27:37 PDT 2020

Cryptocurrency: Court News - Frauds, Defamists... Cricket Economics,
Applied Tech vka Sarah Michelle Reichwein
"@isislovecruft isis agora lovecruft (they/them)
While Peter Todd and I were involved in litigation, to be clear,
Peter Todd never raped me or sexually assaulted me.
5:46 PM - 15 Jun 2020"

In fields of dramatical noise, crickets of economics still exist...
"When the dollar cracks, BTC price gaps higher...
If you're not already positioned, you'll be eating dirt."

"The thing about cancel culture is that, at some point, you'll be
the target. No one is ideologically devout enough. No one can achieve
the requisite standards. This isn"t justice. It's cultural destruction."

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