Near Earth Objects: Exploding Yer Telescopes :D

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jun 19 01:19:44 PDT 2020




Unlikely 2020nn4.
Unlikely 2017mf7 2020-Jun-14 13:10 .91 LD ...
Video / print news reports say event was ~20200614,
find and convert from local time to UTC to check.

Pond skippers... fun to watch, but need much
more atmospheric impulse to blast wave anything
on land.

> we can say with certainty that some combination of the following must be true:
> - that NASA's mathematical calculations have a serious problem

1) Not enough observations to fit an accurate path.

2) Earth launched gear (satellite, lunar, planetary, etc probes)
have all probably used fine tuning aero / burns to correct for
inaccurate timing / aiming / model in similar calculations.

> - that the object...

... was completely unknown until too late to do anything
about it. As usual. Only 4 ground impactors were ever
observed beforehand, all impacted within 24h of their discovery.
Satellites etc can observe hundreds of small atmospheric impacts per day.
Also consider odds of Humans having permanent Space or
Planet base before being able to do anything about an extinctor.

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