Attempt to Log Handling Compromise Severely Resisting Discovery

Karl gmkarl at
Wed Jun 17 15:22:29 PDT 2020

The command is working after re-copy-pasting it after sending this email.
Seems it was related to the first copy-buffer or somesuch.

The system is an olimex teres running armbian ubuntu 18, and has had the
radio disabled using 'nmcli radio all off; sudo systemctl disable
NetworkManager;" for some time now.  it is running the same install it was
when the keyboard, which has a usb-programmable avr chip, was sending
incorrect keycodes.  the incorrect keycode behavior has stopped.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020, 6:14 PM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:

> I have just videotaped bash removing a command from my bash history every
> time I execute it, using a phone that has been in airplane mode since
> factory reset, and also most of its life since purchase.
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