"batshit insane Austrian school blog" too influential for the (((Gewgles))) - demonetized by Google

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Tue Jun 16 22:55:19 PDT 2020

TFW your "batshit insane Austrian school blog" has become so influential, the (((lame stream Jewdia))) blackbans and demonetizes you, and even Jack "made billionaire king by the Jewish bankers" Dorsey is not allowed to 'follow' your stream :D

Folks, by just about relevant measure in this period of history, ZeroHedge is kicking that ball right outta the park :)

(Hey, they got more feathers in their cap than most these days - not particularly hard to do, but most are evidently too compromised to be able to do so ... amazing times hey.)

What the Demonrats fail to realize is that, no matter how sophisticated their 'ban/ shadow ban/ demonetize' protocol is, ultimately every such "shut it down" success is another feather in the cap of him who is targetted (look up the Streissand Effect if you missed that memo).

Remember goys and gals, Google is a censor, influencer, chooser, therefore a publisher.

   Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge

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