Re: [liberationtech] They Used Smartphone Cameras to Record Police Brutality—and Change History

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jun 15 03:22:32 PDT 2020

> What may be most striking about the George Floyd video is not that it was
> recorded, but that it was so very widely (and intensively) disseminated by
> those legacy media.

TV and media are rarely permitted to show people getting shot,
bloodsport violence, any visible actual point of death, etc.
In regard, Floyd met the same parameters as wrestling match might.
More remarkable to have made it past some of media's masters,
even if only a miscalculation.
If you want to see some real violence of Power, YouTube used
to carry some of it till they sold out to Censorship.
Now you must search the internet and overlay networks.
Or just watch any footage of war, homeless, hungry, infirm,
courts, prison systems, lawmaking bodies, elections,
politicians, and their police, etc.

Another reason a few made TV is they're in desperate
competition with Alternative Internet Media, in effect
they must air some more things to remain relevant,
thus more willing to risk permission/master.

> Now consider the inverse: are there similar videos out there that remained
> unknown?  Are there other videos of a similar nature (police violence
> against African Americans) that received less attention, i.e. less
> dissemination?  Perhaps the problem is actually bigger than we know.

Don't let media and masters spin and divert you (against each other)...
likely less about police against Black, more likely problem about
Power against everyone... of which the former is one large result.
There are thousands of videos of the latter that media never disseminated,
it doesn't fit their [perhaps temporarily former] narratives,
cashflows, masters.
Defeating latter stops former too, whereas just former does little to latter.

> The control of dissemination is probably the biggest issue we face today in
> liberation technology.

Further behind is wide index search and syndication API across
the extant and coming distributed overlay media services.

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