[liberationtech] What would you reply to this?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 23:49:59 PDT 2020

> all-user end-to-end encryption on services like Zoom in China,

Zoom is selling out its majority userbase (free users) by
forcing those users clients to use fake non-e2e-encryption.

And there are some big names involved in advising them to
do that, and continuing to advise them when they should
be quitting in vocal protest against Zoom and the surveillors
and the Four Horseman FUD they're all shilling.

> because of the Chinese govt’s likelihood of intercepting

China hardly such global advanced actor in that as USA.

But it sure makes great TV news to distract you from
Power over you, doesn't it. Gotcha.

> The US’s NSA can crack any encryption in the world and listen to any
> communications it wants.

There is rational debate. Yet any such capabilities, for which there
are plenty historical reference of earlier programs, are only used in
diplomatic and quiet observatory spheres, to get the drop, to
headoff and pretext the masses, etc. Presidential and higher
levels only, never anything vanilla obvious like court cases
(not even capability to de-location-anonymize tor via traffic
analysis and sybil gets approved for exposure in court).
Until someone posts the jewels, you won't know many capabilities
directly, and far too many people have taken Governments dirty
laundry and secrets with them to their graves. Shame upon them.

Of course China wholesale rapes its billion "citizens" with its
surveillance, opensource observation set, commercial partners,
targeting capabilities, same as USA does... against everyone
in order to maintain political power and control over free humans.
Who would entirely discard notion of such not so surprising
a conglomeration of effectives, now happening at near realtime
fiber speed these days instead of horse and buggy delay.

These "tap and surveill it all" policies and programs
tell you there is, among other things, something quite fun
you should be doing...

encrypt everything by default

and if they try to thieve, shutdown, jail, and murder you for it,
which they will... then instead of taking the knee and partner
with such false "authority" of Government like Zoom did,
all the while proselytizing some Four Horseman bullshit FUD...

rise up, overthrow the governments, and dont start any more of them.

Your incessant adoption of their political memes and systems
of enslavement over you, such as democracy... seems slowly
fucking you over, sapping your beautiful free human life force.
Much more rapidly now by using their centralized
technology the last 25 years... WeChat, WePay,
Central Banks, identity, travel, registration and permission
and digital tracking schemes for everything you do, forever...
an endless list one could make of your own diminishing
freedom and demise at their hands, using your technology.

Long since due to wake the fuck up and revolt
en masse. You didn't need them or it decades to
millenia ago, and you don't now, or ever in the future.

Till then keep watching TV news and politicians, telling you it's
about China, Russia, USA, Black vs White people, whatever
it is you're supposed to believe from them each month...
No, it's ongoing creep of Power over you. And it's working.

Not least made obvious by fact Zoom probably gave
away another 10M free editions of its scamware to wildly
cheering unsuspecting users worldwide last month alone.

Where indeed are those leveraging technology toward
a real state of Liberation?

Apparently fallen to readying "voting" machine "technology"
in five months to support even more of their "democratic"
force, theft, prison, and murder over other harmless people.

Kudos "Liberators".

BTW, YouTube just got forced to delete another
major distributed cryptocurrency channel. Wake Up!!!

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