Censorship: Joe Biden and Pol's Worldwide Vow To Censor Troll and Sabotage All Social Media

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 22:54:37 PDT 2020


Blah blah blah. Those who think any politician,
political party, government, or media is right,
or cares even one bit about you, or that all of
them aren't equally backstabbing and channing
each other so long as they all crook your neck in
the end with their Rods of Power, are utterly retarded.
It's about power and control over you, all for them,
none for you, and who can concoct the latest
TV meme thus mainlining their dope straight to
your soppy brain.
All your bleating and "voting" for them does is further
enshrine them as "master" over you so they can whip
your "slave" self some more. That is the underlying
essence of "democracy"... the majority masters
forcing the harmless minority slaves to do whatever
master desires.
You were all born free and beautiful, and they
captured and forced their memes into you
since you were very young. But it's possible
to break free.

So wake the fuck up and start figuring out how
to liberate your brains off their sweet crack.
You don't need them, or their chains on you,
any of them, at all, ever.

There is no such thing as "liberation technology"
and no technology can ever be applied toward
liberation until you actually start pondering
what a state of liberation actually is. Else you're
just trying to forcibly slave others to do what you
want, or tricking them into joining you for that
purpose over others, both of which are wrong.

"Freedom of Speech" you claim, but only for what
you want to hear, allow, and have said. Shame on you.

Internet soon will be totally controlled, InsertBioChipPaySpyAccessed,
and messaged by whichever political trolls in power over you around world.
Like your brain, you're begging them win control of the Internet too.

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