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On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 08:21:59PM -0500, \0xDynamite wrote:
> >> Well, you see, I'm at a little bit of an impasse.  What am I going to
> >> do in my anarchist paradise when such a threat to freedom arises?
> >> Arrest him isn't an option.  Hope that he'll see the light of anarchy?
> >>  Club him?  I'm in the darkness here, help me see the light.
> >
> > People struggle for power because something is going wrong for them.  You and your friends either find paths to change that situation with him, or you stop or get rid of him.  You can totally arrest him if you like that word, but his people are liable to start a rebellion and overtake your self-appointed leadership, in response, some day, because you ignored his reason for striving for power.
> >
> > Are you saying you support everyone being controlled by the whims of the powerful?
> Not at all.  Firstly, speaking on behalf of prophesy (not myself --
> which sits in between vertical and horizontal systems of order),
> people might strive for power because they wish to create something
> that cannot be accomplished without personal -- not collective --
> rewards.  This probably requires hierarchy, and this requires some
> system of government if it is to be sustained past one's personal
> whims.  There are legitimate, UNIVERSAL needs for vertical growth to
> be an ongoing component in the universe to stave off the tendency for
> entropy.

Bring on the Star Trek economy :)

> But to answer your question more directly, people can be directed, not
> by the whims of the powerful, but by their merit.  Every anarchist

I hear something fundamentally sane in the concepts of merit as in capacity, ability and desire (read 'interest' or preference, etc), and self direction rather than enslavement by 'the powerful'.
Folks can of course seek guidance from those who offer their guidance - presumably those who are 'good at guiding' will readily become known for such positive traits (certainly Jordan Peterson rang a bell for many before he went into rehab - hopefully he stays off the antidepressants for good now) - those who've experienced even a brief period of a constructive mentor, know the value of this.

> knows that some people have more merit in some dimension that another
> doesn't.  It's a natural by-product of the diversity of human
> experience.  Proper government can utilize these facts to build
> something from a higher-level, systems perspective that cannot be
> accomplished from the whim of the mob, to turn your phrase.  That is,
> by VIRTUE, of their higher position, they can see and organize
> possibilities which cannot otherwise be accomplished (generally).

There is truth in these words, yet also issues - democracy is fundamentally flawed, it seems hard to depose monarchs who fail to uphold virtue and thus fall to despotism, and with the present state of humans, education and the media, all "leaders" are pretty well despised by all, and so where could we even identify an 'actually benevolent' leader?

> All of this political theory is not at all meant to take the wind out
> of the sails of those who fight for true justice and virtuous liberty,
> but to show that history has dealt with some of these issues and
> democracy is/was the only way forward.

What do you say about benevolent dictatorship?

> This is also the prediction of
> the prophecy of the Jews.  The issue that is making present democracy
> fail

Sounds like you are suggesting democracy has succeeded somewhere?

(Or to be more precise, is there an example of democracy which has not fallen to simple corruption?)

> is the co-option by big media and other private sources and a
> failed election model that requires someone to be in office even if
> they aren't supported by the populace.  I've helped deliver an
> alternative to the "winner-takes-all" model presently used in America
> and the "electoral college" which takes away some of that
> representation.  It's called Fractional Voting and it allows each
> voter to vote FOR and AGAINST each candidate or put all of their votes
> on one.  That alone fixes 90% of the present voting problems
> (two-party emergent dualities, apathy caused by feeling of
> powerlessness, mis-voting because people couldn't vote for a small
> candidate for fear of losing to a greater evil, and others).
> The prophecy calls for the government to fall back to the next
> lower-level government if there aren't enough POSITIVE votes for any
> candidate in the highest position of power, and failing that it goes
> back to the People themselves (until the next election cycle which
> delivers a qualified, supported candidate).
> It's about a perfect, secular order that came about from
> deconstructing the body of the human with perfect Will:  how their
> internal system of choice-management, execution, resource allocation
> IN THEIR OWN BODY happened, a form of bio-mimicry.
> If you stop and think about it, we all are the benefactors of such
> emergent order within our own body -- our cells cooperate with us,
> even though it is a hierarchy, to some degree.
> Anyway, these are notes from the Underground, for the enlightenment of
> the masses who will strive to deserve it, for it will make a society
> that is worthy of Creation itself.
> Marcos

To bring heaven to Earth is a big dream - perhaps it is possible?

I suspect we may need alternative systems to money, sort of  something something star trek economy something ?

Present technology is already sufficient to most/all of the basic survival needs of humans today...

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